San Miguel de Allende is a city with such charm that many refer to it as “the best city in the world”. It takes time to walk its cobbled streets and its many galleries and handicraft shops. There is an unmissable restaurant on every corner so it is impossible to see everything in one day. That is why Casa 1810 Hotel Boutique brings for you a special five-night promotion with a 20% discount, so that you take your time and not only go to San Miguel, but live the experience of being a real local.


You will have time to make friends, San Miguel de Allende is characterized by its community of artists and intellectuals. Discover for yourself why San Miguel attracts tourists from all corners of the world, many of whom decide to stay and live permanently in the city.



San Miguel is a small and very safe city for tourists, it is possible to walk everywhere and find all kinds of services easily. It is a cosmopolitan center that, at times, makes you forget that you are in Mexico due to the multiplicity of languages ​​spoken, as if it were Switzerland or the United States.


It is easy to fall in love with the lifestyle in San Miguel, where the days pass smoothly, between cultural festivals, exhibitions of local and foreign artists, concerts, book presentations and pleasant conversations between strangers. Tourists who pass through San Miguel commonly end up changing their itinerary to be able to stay a little longer, it is a city with a special magic that stimulates spontaneous friendship and creates special bonds among them forever.



San Miguel de Allende is a city that must be seen in detail, it is necessary to sit on a bench at the main square to eat ice cream calmly and be surprised by the sunset, you may even be lucky to hear the bells of the parish ring, and watch a happy bride get into a horse carriage of the 19th century.


Let yourself be surprised by this beautiful colonial city that is constantly transforming, new coffee and fine chocolate shops open every day, young people of different nationalities meet every night at the many bars and celebrate all night.



Take advantage of this special discount for long-term stays, which will allow you to live all kinds of experiences that will become intimate, in addition to knowing in depth the history and the main attractions in the city. You will become an expert!


Casa 1810 Hotel Boutique is the perfect place to frame this unique adventure. Live San Miguel de Allende as if you were in another era and rest like a Count in one of our beautiful rooms. It is located within downtown area which makes it an excellent point of reunion. In addition, our Trazo 1810 restaurant has a culinary proposal that stands out and is well known to locals. We assure you that after these 5 nights you will feel at home.