Trazo 1810 is a casual dining restaurant located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. The restaurant overlooks the Parish of San Miguel de Arcangel, one of the most beautiful Parish in Mexico, and sits at the roof top of a historic colonial building Hotel Boutique Casa 1810.

Gastronomic Mexico

Trazo 1810 one of the 120 best restaurants in Mexico, for its creative cuisine, it has been included in the Guide to Gastronomic Mexico the 120 restaurants 2020.

The Trazo restaurant has obtained this recognition thanks to the culinary team and delicacies created by our chef.

Trazo is Travellers' Choice

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Chef likes to surprise with the ingredients, respect them and keep them as pure as possible. This way of cooking has become the hallmark of Trazo, that and the way in which each of its dishes is presented.

❝One of the things I like the most when cooking is experimenting. When I see a new or unfamiliar product, I check it and go to Trazo to make it part of the menu. ❞


The restaurant during that time it has evolved considerably, both in food and in experience. Today Trazo 1810 is characterized by its attention to detail and the diner’s experience. Social commitment to the local trade in organic products, since ❝almost all of the ingredients that we use in Trazo’s cuisine are from local producers, ranches near San Miguel de Allende and organic street markets that we constantly attend.❞


“Buena Pesca” (Good Fishing) is a certification in restaurants in Mexico that sets guidelines to promote the responsible consumption of marine species in Mexico. The goal is to give value to the environment and work of the local fisherman community.